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Fourth-graders collect bags for worthy project

Fourth-graders at Holly Academy have been collecting plastic bags — thousands of plastic bags. Why, you might ask.  Creative people have discovered that recyclable plastic bags work great for making crocheted mats, which are also waterproof. Numerous other ideas can be found on Pinterest using crocheted plastic bags that have been cut into long strips.  In November and December, during a challenge between the fourth-grade classes, students collected as many plastic bags as they could. Their project gave recyclable bags another purpose and kept them out of landfills.  By the end of December, the students had collected more than 7,000 bags, which they donated to a group at Loose Senior Center in Linden. It takes 840 bags to make one mat and the Loose Center members crocheted nearly 90 mats out of the Holly Academy donation. These waterproof mats will then be given to the homeless.  Following spring break, the students will once again start collecting bags.


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