Holly Academy: Who We Are


We are a free Public School Academy in Holly, Michigan, offering Young 5’s through 8th grade. Holly Academy was founded and authorized by Central Michigan University in 1999.   Our mission is, “To achieve individual academic success for all students through a positive family/school/community partnership. ” We are proud to be a CMU School of Excellence and an MDE Reward School. An MDE Reward School is a school ranked in the top 5% on the Michigan Department of Education’s Top-to-Bottom Ranking.

At Holly Academy, we “Inspire Excellence!”

Holly Academy is a school of choice. We inspire students to achieve academic success through a positive family/school/community partnership. We provide the highest quality comprehensive educational environment that inspires excellence in academics and character by:

  • Educating the whole child (social, emotional, physical, academic)

  • Setting high expectations

  • Partnering with parents and community

  • Fully maximizing available resources

  • Ranking in the top 10% nationally


Holly Academy represents a partnership of students, staff, and administration. These partners are united in their commitment to the common objectives outlined in our mission statement and standards. As role models and instructors, Holly Academy teachers are valued by students and parents for their caring attitudes. Intelligence, creative teaching ability, loyalty, and responsibility are characteristics of the faculty. Parents expect and appreciate direct and regular communication from faculty regarding their children. Reciprocally, Holly Academy parents should be responsive to teacher suggestions for helping students.

Beliefs and Values

Students are our first priority. We believe that traditional fundamentals of education must be enhanced to form a solid foundation for the future of the student. The high expectations and standards of the Academy are set above those of the accepted norms; we encourage students to excel. In addition, teaching character development enables a child to grow into a responsible, respectful member of society. The Academy promotes a caring environment. Structure and consistency are the fundamental elements of effective discipline. Holly Academy understands and recognizes that a parent is a child’s first and primary educator and diligently pursues a strong and beneficial home/school partnership.

Holly Academy Front Entrance

Holly Academy